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Where to Grow Old? Utah!

Utah is the best state to grow old, according to a new report from senior care…

  • September 4, 2017

Utah is the best state to grow old, according to a new report from senior care resource

The company’s study ranked all 50 states in 13 financial, healthcare and quality of life categories focused on senior care. Iowa, South Carolina, Washington, Nebraska, Arizona and California follow the Beehive State at the top of the list. Click here for more information:

Utah earned the #1 designation with solid scores across the board.

It’s the only state to crack the top 15 in quality of life/healthcare (#7) and cost (#14). Many states exhibit an inverse relationship between quality and price. For example, Washington is tops for quality but #38 for cost. And while Alabama has the cheapest elder care, it lags in quality (#44).

The analysis found the worst states to grow old are Wyoming, North Dakota, New York, Indiana and West Virginia. New York is a notable example of a state that fares poorly in both quality (#34) and cost (tied for #46).

“We want to use this research as a starting point for really important conversations between family members,” said vice president Tim Sullivan. “Too many people avoid thinking about senior care until it hits a crisis point. There are good options in every state, but it can take some time to sort out the best approach, so ideally you’ll get the dialogue going early to help maximize your options.”

The study incorporated statistics on senior living community reviews, nursing home costs, in-home care prices, elderly well-being assessments and more.

Contrary to many “best states to retire” rankings which cater to active seniors and pursuits such as hiking, golfing and traveling, this analysis centered on America’s rapidly growing elderly population and the medical and financial supports it requires in order to thrive.

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