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Men Love Their Candles

Men are buying candles these days, lots of candles. In fact, men prefer candles to…

  • December 27, 2017

Men are buying candles these days, lots of candles. In fact, men prefer candles to ties as holiday gifts, according to some new research.

According to man candles are a hot item this Christmas and retailers say consumers better buy soon if they want one as a gift for the special men in their lives.

Men themselves are depleting stocks fast on the product once considered the sole province of women.

In fact, men bought a startling 79,000 candles per month in 2017 at an average of $28 each, according to a study released this week by an online candle reviews site devoted entirely to candles for men.

The site,, based its study on figures released by the National Candle Association, which reports that men accounted for a record 10 percent of total candle sales this year. Total expenditures for both men and women will exceed $3.2 billion in 2017. And that’s just in the U.S.

Favorite Man Candle Aromas Include Citrus and Wood Smoke

Men will typically spend between $20 and $90 for aromas that run the gamut from citrus to wood smoke, and for designer fragrances like bergamot, olive leaf and white musk.

Gone are the days when the only candles marketed to men mimicked motor oil or bodily functions. Now they just want to experience what are considered to be the best scents for men.

“Guys deal with stress all day long on the job — and they enjoy a glass of wine and the smell of a relaxing candle in the evening just as much as a woman does,” says Don Sloan, founder of the candle reviews site. “A premium, aromatic candle is something he will find room for in his budget — and will also appreciate as a gift.”

Sloan also noted that big candle retailers like Yankee Candle have recognized the trend toward more upscale aromas for men and are adjusting their market mix accordingly.

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