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Take Your Measurements with a Smartphone

One of the frustrating things about buying clothes online is getting your sizing wrong, and…

  • December 30, 2017

One of the frustrating things about buying clothes online is getting your sizing wrong, and having to exchange an item or three. Now there’s an innovative new technology that lets you get your personal measurements using a Smartphone.

My Size, Inc., an Israeli developer of Smartphone measurement applications, plans to release a new measurement solution technology that it says will revolutionize the way consumers shop for clothing online.

The new technology is currently in the testing phase at several Israel-based academic institutions, and to date, has shown promising results under lab conditions.

MySize’s technology has been designed to allow consumers to measure themselves using their Smartphone and then be matched with an online apparel item in their size.

The company believes that this technology has the potential to significantly reduce the margin of error for customers purchasing the wrong size apparel online.

MySize’s R&D Engineers have developed a system that pulls data from anthropometric databases, which is then combined with studies on body measurements of diverse populations groups.

This methodology combines this data with the measurements obtained from an individual via the Smartphone app to estimate the circumference of different body parts that determine the size of garments.

In order to help consumers determine the key body measurements needed for fitting apparel purchased online, MySize invented a simpler and more accessible three-step process:

  • Perform convenient body measurements using a smartphone.
  • Predict the body circumferences required by the retailer size-chart using the MySize’s new proprietary algorithms.
  • Recommend to the user their appropriate garment size according to the retailer’s size chart.

My Size’s patent has been approved in several countries, including the U.S. To learn more about My Size, please visit

This is a great idea – but only if online clothing sellers up their game enough to match actual body measurements to the clothes they sell. After all, getting your precise measurements isn’t too helpful if the only size choices are S, M and L.

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