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It’s Time to De-Clutter

With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and the New Year upon us, it’s time…

  • January 10, 2018

With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and the New Year upon us, it’s time to sell our unwanted items from 2017 on eBay. De-cluttering is good for the soul, and a great way to lighten your load for the year ahead.

The online retailer finds that there’s a real pick-up in sales of certain items during the immediate post-holiday season.

According to eBay, some of the biggest sellers include:

  • DVDs and blu-rays
  • Home Décor e.g lamps, vases and soft furnishings
  • DIY materials e.g. powertools
  • Mobile Smartphones
  • Furniture e.g. sofas, coffee tables and chairs
  • Women’s Handbags
  • Appliances e.g. blenders, sandwich makers and electric steamers
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Men’s shoes
  • Women’s fragrances (3,144)

Ebay offers these tips for sellers:

Download the app: eBay has focused on making selling even simpler and this is particularly true when it comes to the app which benefits from seamless integration with your phone camera

Think like your buyer: Fill the title with words your buyers will search for, take photos and write the description to convince them your product is for them

Pick your price & format: You have the option to either list as a fixed price or an auction.  Today 80% of items on eBay are fixed price so if you know the price you want and are happy to sit back and wait then choose this option.

If you’re keen on a bit of drama and excitement, explore the auction option.  A seven-day auction that ends on Sunday gives more time to garner interest and watchers. eBay also has loads of great guidance to help you decide.

Go free: Increase your chances of selling by offering your buyer free shipping, you can always include the cost in your price.

What are you waiting for? Clean out that closet and earn a little extra cash for 2018.

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