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Searching for the right short, sassy hairstyle? Matrix has your fix.

A short hairstyle can make one feel sophisticated, chic, slinky and sassy, hair care company…

  • June 24, 2018

A short hairstyle can make one feel sophisticated, chic, slinky and sassy, hair care company Matrix points out. This season there are so many shape and texture options for short hairstyles, there is bound to be one that suits you.

And to top it all off—consider a standout hair color in any shade from peppery red to violet blonde, pastel pink or rose gold.

Squared-Off Bangs with Short Hair

Sharpen up a bob or lob with crisp, squared-off bangs, and bring the length up to your jaw for instant, French-girl polish. This hairstyle begs for vivid hair color. No matter which shade you choose, keep it looking salon-fresh with shampoo and conditioner formulated to prolong the life of your hue.

Short Shag Haircut

Thoughtfully placed layers shift the entire shape and feeling of a short haircut—it goes from sweet to edgy. While modern shag haircuts are less disconnected and better-blended than the original cuts from the ’70s, they still provide a rock ‘n roll vibe, especially when the hair color is bold and dramatic. Style short-layered haircuts with a buildable definition gel that offers flexibility without build-up.

Curtain Curls

Treat your curls to a new, squared-off shape and add long curtain bangs to seal the deal. This ’70s-inspired hair shape is pure Donna Summers…and a perfect way to show off a spiral texture. Use an alcohol-free, curl defining elixir to control curls and repel frizz.

Big Bends

A bob or lob is updated in a minute with this lazy-wave hair texture. Use a hair texturizing spray and a jumbo curling iron to create one large wave on each section of hair around the head, about midway or two-thirds of the way from the top. It’s just a notch up from “I woke up like this”…truly effortless.

Dramatic Disconnection

This shape takes the pixie cut to a whole new level of cool. With an extended top section; messy, “I don’t care” texture and buzzed sides, the distinctive shape only gets more remarkable with icy violet and orchid hair color. Go strong or go home!


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