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Frugality Still a Virtue in America

Nine out of ten respondents to a recent survey found frugality to be an attractive…

  • July 19, 2018

Nine out of ten respondents to a recent survey found frugality to be an attractive quality in a romantic partner, crowdsourced shopping platform Slickdeals reports.

Slickdeals commissioned a survey of 2,000 Americans on the differences between being cheap or frugal.

Being cheap is about spending as little money as possible, while frugality encompasses several factors like money, convenience and time, coupled with overall value, being of importance.

In the survey, 72 percent of respondents believe that seeking out deals or coupons for all purchases is frugal, whereas 44 percent think it is cheap to re-gift items.

Additionally, not leaving a tip at all (regardless of service) and always tipping 15 percent (even if service is outstanding) is perceived as cheap.

“The increased propensity toward frugality brings to light the importance of value for today’s shoppers,” Slickdeals CEO Josh Meyers said. “Making smart purchase decisions and looking for deals or coupons is becoming mainstream – it’s what savvy consumers do because they are financially wise.”

As people mature and age, they become more frugal. The survey shows that 27 is the age people felt the most financially reckless, 30 is when people start taking their finances seriously, and 38 is when people become the most frugal.

Money plays a big role in relationships. 53 percent of Americans are hesitant to enter a relationship with someone carrying large sums of debt.

The survey found that six in ten Americans have had a previous partner who was reckless with money, prompting them to look for a more financially responsible partner.

A whopping 79 percent of Americans find using coupons on a first date to be acceptable.

“When it comes to consumer attitudes, there is a fine line between frugal and cheap, and we wanted to test those boundaries through this survey,” Meyers added. “At Slickdeals, the leading crowdsourced shopping platform, we empower consumers to discover hidden opportunities to save on everything from flat screen TVs to laundry detergent. As for relationships and dating, it’s great to see that expressing smart consumerism is no longer considered taboo.”

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