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Dog Fanatics Show Their Love

A new survey reveals that 44% of pet parents turn to their dog over family…

  • September 14, 2018

A new survey reveals that 44% of pet parents turn to their dog over family members for comfort.

The survey was conducted by on-demand mobile dog walking app Wag!

From being the number one shoulder to cry on to tattoo memorials, two things are clear from the survey results: dogs are cherished relationships.

While it’s no surprise dogs are adored by their families, 38% of the 2,000 pet parents surveyed said the “person” they show the most love and attention to in their household is their dog, ranking higher than kids (31%) and spouses or significant others (23%).

Pet parents also take “therapy dog” to a whole new level with 44% of respondents saying they are most likely to turn to their dog for comfort when they’re feeling sad or angry, compared to 34% who would instead turn to their spouse or significant other.

Beyond emotionally leaning on pets, pet parents also said they express their boundless love in a variety of unusual ways:

Tattoos: The joy a dog brings to our lives is unparalleled, so much so that nearly one-third of pet parents would consider expressing their undying love for their dog with a tattoo and 15% of pet parents said they already have one. Paw prints were the number-one tattoo choice (45%), with pet portraits (27%) and pet names (26%) nearly tying for second. Those wanting to ink “(wo)man’s best friend” on their body for an eternity are in good company with celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Pink rocking their own dog tattoos.

Gifts & Parties: Birthday celebrations are a big deal. So much so, that most pet parents have extended the tradition to their dog, with 60% purchasing them a birthday gift, 88% feeding them a special treat or meal, and nearly 25% throwing their dog a birthday party.

Nanny Cams: The survey revealed a new parenting trend – helicopter dog parent – based on the fact that 19% of respondents have purchased technology to check in on their pet throughout the day.

Whether pet parents are inspired to Google “tattoo parlors near me,” or schedule an extra Wag! walk to show their dog just how much they are loved, National Dog Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to shower pets with the next level of attention.

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