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A Month Celebrating Hot Tea

The popularity of coffee in the U.S. has caused good old tea to feel a…

  • January 10, 2019

The popularity of coffee in the U.S. has caused good old tea to feel a bit left out. Accordingly, the “original” beverage has been given a full month of celebration.

That’s right, January is National Hot Tea Month.

Tea was (and is) the national beverage of the British, who colonized the territory that would become the first United States.

It was central to the formation of opposition to British rule. After all, it was a tax on non-British-sourced tea that led to the famous “Boston Tea Party” in 1773, where protesters dressed as Native Americans and dumped a load of British East India Company tea into Boston Harbor.

You could say that tea was truly the beverage of revolution in America.

It remains popular. According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc., 2017-18 Tea Market Review & Forecast:

“2017 continued to be a year of growth for the United States tea industry. Consumption of tea continued to penetrate all demographics. Millennials, Gen Xs, Gen Ys, Baby Boomers, will ensure that tea is on the front burner for years to come. And we welcome Gen Z’s to the family of tea consumers, who may very well be the largest tea consumers yet!

“According to statistics from ITC (International Tea Committee), the United States is still the only western country to grow in both tea imports and consumption.”

So, raise a hot tea toast to our collective beverage history next month.

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