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New Hope for “Generation Stressed”

Millions of us make New Year’s resolutions every year that involve getting healthy, and to…

  • January 29, 2019

Millions of us make New Year’s resolutions every year that involve getting healthy, and to no surprise, eliminating stress tops the list.  Nearly half [46%] of all American millennials say they are stressed all the time and almost all [82%] are looking for an easy solution, according to a recent survey.

The makers of Japanese Green Tea are (not so) humbly offering their product as a way to start the New Year off right.

As they point out, Japanese Green Tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid found naturally in each cup to help elevate mood and calm anxious minds.

Resolve to Be More Mindful at Work

What’s worrying millennials the most?  The survey found the top three categories that most stressed out Millennials were finances (52%), work (47%), and trying to maintain emotional balance (39%).  And stress is contagious!! 66% of millennials said spending time with anxious people stresses them out.

Given US millennials desire for ways to reduce stress and find calm in easy ways, Japanese Green Tea was put to the test in a social experiment using Immersion Neuroscience technology with 100 millennials in fast-paced workplaces from marketing to technology.

Millennials who incorporated Japanese Green Tea into their workday saw they were less frustrated and calmer during the day, as seen by an increase of the Immersion Neuroscience InQ shifting from 4.24 to 4.40, demonstrating a significant boost in engagement during stressful activities based on Immersion Neuro research variables.

The Benefits of Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea has a rich history dating back centuries and is steeped in Zen tradition. “While we’ve seen the popularity of Matcha in the US – our goal is to bring focus to the many benefits of Japanese Green Tea from improving mood to mindfulness,” said Hiroki Oizumi, Director General, JFOODO.

If you’re a tea-drinker, you’ve no doubt formed an opinion about green tea by now. Some can’t stand it, while others swear by its benefits. If you’re a coffee drinker looking to cut back on caffeine, green tea might just be part of your relaxing solution. Give it a try.

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