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How to Attract Workers from Outside Your Area

Most workers would relocate for a job – if they got the right offer. Staffing…

  • February 6, 2019

Most workers would relocate for a job – if they got the right offer. Staffing firm Robert Half breaks down the details.

Offering relocation benefits to job candidates could be a good move for employers, suggests new research from Robert Half. Sixty-two percent of workers surveyed said they would consider moving for a position. Among professionals in the 28 U.S. cities polled, respondents in Raleigh, Des Moines, Miami and Charlotte are most open to changing locations.

A separate survey of senior managers found that in the past five years, 34 percent of companies have increased what’s offered in the relocation packages they present to top candidates outside their geographic area. In contrast, 30 percent of organizations do not offer any incentives for moving.

Additional findings:

  • Workers identified better pay and perks (44 percent) as the top factor in their decision to move for a job, followed by family or personal reasons (17 percent) and cost of living and career advancement (16 percent each).
  • Professionals ages 18 to 34 (76 percent) are most likely to relocate, compared to those ages 35 to 54 (62 percent) and 55 and older (40 percent). Sixty-seven percent of male employees would move, versus 59 percent of women.
  • Minneapolis (45 percent), Boston and Philadelphia (48 percent each), and Detroit (53 percent) have the fewest number of employees who would consider leaving their current area.
  • Miami (53 percent), Houston (48 percent), Los Angeles (45 percent) and Dallas (42 percent) have the most companies that have increased their relocation packages over the past five years.

“In today’s competitive hiring environment, many employers are finding it challenging to locate skilled professionals in their immediate area,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “As a result, organizations are open to considering candidates in other cities and offering attractive relocation packages to secure that talent.”

McDonald added, “Besides receiving corporate incentives to move, there are a number of professional and personal reasons workers may opt for a change of scenery, including a higher salary, better perks, more affordable cost of living or advanced job title.”

What would it take to get you to move?

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