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Do You Bring Snacks to Movies, Just to Save a Few Bucks?

People do all sorts of things to save a few bucks. Mobile shopping app Ibotta…

  • February 7, 2019

People do all sorts of things to save a few bucks. Mobile shopping app Ibotta recently took a look at some of the most popular ways that sneaky and savvy people save.

The company has released results from its first-ever “Savvy or Sneaky” shopper study, which examines just how far consumers will go to save money, even pushing the boundaries of what’s wrong and right.

Results showed that many consumers will go to extreme lengths to save a buck, with a savvy 81 percent admitting they bring their own snacks to the movies, while a sneakier 33 percent cop to ordering water at restaurants then filling their cups with soda instead.

The study, which polled over 1,000 consumers, found the majority of Americans consider themselves savvy money savers, with over three quarters of consumers revealing they have taken toiletries from a hotel room, while 73 percent have re-gifted something they received but didn’t like.

Consumers’ sneaky behaviors were more polarizing, with one-third of consumers saying they’ve taken home supplies from the office, like toilet paper or paper towels.

Another third admits to using someone else’s subscription services and also creating new email addresses in order to take advantage of retailers’ new customer promo codes.

One-fourth of especially sneaky consumers have eaten food while grocery shopping without paying for it.

The data also revealed that the sneakiest subset of consumers to be Generation Z, with the majority of respondents in this category admitting to indulging in the more questionable cost-effective measures identified in the study (subbing water for soda, bumming Netflix accounts and creating new emails just for the discount).

Millennials are the second sneakiest, while Baby Boomers are the savviest, embracing only widely accepted money-saving measures.

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