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Where to Buy Valentine’s Perfume Online

Where do you get the best last-minute deals on Valentine’s Day perfume? It’s not where…

  • February 13, 2019

Where do you get the best last-minute deals on Valentine’s Day perfume? It’s not where you might think.

A study by price monitoring experts Minderest finds that the best online deals are not to be found on Amazon. In fact, this e-Commerce giant had the highest prices among the options.

Minderest’s study, conducted on February 4th, analyzed a sample of 569 perfumes in Amazon and Google Shopping.  It simulated what consumers would find when looking online for perfumes.

Prices from different Amazon merchants have been ignored, choosing only Amazon as the seller.

For each product the company obtained the cheapest price from each vendor.  Using this lowest price, Minderest calculated the percentage difference with respect to each of the online stores compared.

The results were:

  1. Boscov’s 2.35%
  2. Fragance Net 2.96%
  3. Belk 3.69%
  4. Dillard’s 4.99%
  5. Jet 5.03%
  6. Lord and Taylor 5.48%
  7. Perfumes Premium UK 5.75%
  8. The Perfume Spot 6.26%
  9. Sephora 6.95%
  10. Ulta Beauty 7.20%
  11. Bloomingdale’s 7.78%
  12. Nordstrom 8.40%
  13. Walmart 8.96%
  14. Perfume 9.67%
  15. Open Tip 11.26%
  16. Neiman Marcus 11.35%
  17. Fragance X 11.72%
  18. Macy’s 11.83%
  19. Amazon 22.16%

Specifically, the maximum savings that someone could make by comparing online sellers would be 13.12%: the average difference between the cheapest and most expensive price found for each product.

After analysing the data, Gary Thomson, US Account Manager at Minderest explains, “this study shows that Amazon is not always the cheapest, in fact it shows its low competitiveness in the fragrance sector.”

Following the analysis, the most noticeable point has been a price difference of 37.20% for the same item.

Macy’s, with the most expensive price, and Premium Perfumes, with the cheapest price.  Macy’s price was at $73 for Lancôme La vie est belle L’Éclat, 1-oz., while the same product from Perfumes Premium cost just $45.84.

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