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Better Lazy Than Rude – This Company Has a Cure for Forgetting Important Occasions

Indelible Cards, a new company based in Philadelphia, recently launched their online solution for never forgetting…

  • February 28, 2019

Indelible Cards, a new company based in Philadelphia, recently launched their online solution for never forgetting to send a card on important dates and occasions.

The company lets users select the greeting cards they need for chosen times of year (Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc.) and mail them directly to their front door with stamp included.

Subscribers simply log in to the website, enter the events and days for when they need cards, and Indelible takes care of the rest.

This new approach changes the way the card industry operates by eliminating the runs to the card aisle and ensuring the timeliness of the giver.

Along with designing a new way to purchase greeting cards, Indelible provides its customers with tips and insights into the handwritten letter.

Realizing that the most important part of the card is not mass-produced sayings, but the thoughtful handwritten note, founder and CEO Jeremy Buckley simply states the goal of the company is “to make the most important part of the card, easy.” He notes, “The idea came to mind after years of being late to get cards in the mail to family and friends. Knowing I was probably not the only guy who faced this struggle, I saw an opportunity to fill an unmet gap in the greeting card market.”

In today’s Social Media, disconnected world, Indelible Cards believes that taking a few minutes to sit down and write a note makes a difference to those who receive it, and is valuable to those who write it. Indelible takes away the pain of standing in the card aisle, the embarrassment of forgetting or being late for important dates, and strengthens relationships one handwritten card at a time.

Indelible Cards started in 2018 with the goal of helping men become the gentleman they desire, by delivering scheduled greeting cards and providing tools on how to hand-write letters. Indelible is a small business working to strengthen relationships one card at a time.

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