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Cheap DIY Kit Promises to Turn Your Shower Into a Steam Room founder Craig Nowak claims he has invented an affordable way for anyone to convert a full-sized shower…

  • March 9, 2019 founder Craig Nowak claims he has invented an affordable way for anyone to convert a full-sized shower into a covered and sealed steam room in just a few minutes with his one of a kind DIY kit.

With the typical cost to install a steam shower around $5k+ and requiring a contractor and bathroom remodel, the thought of doing this yourself and for under $50 seems far-fetched.

But inventor, Craig, says that’s not so. As a matter of fact, he claims the kit will also eliminate foggy mirrors, bathroom mold, and even that annoying curtain cling when the shower curtain blows in and sticks to the skin.

According to Nowak, the kit takes about 10 minutes to set up. Ironically about the same is required to say the product’s full name: Introducing the Steam Den Shower Experience, a steam trapping, shower area expanding, bathroom mold eliminating, water saving, curtain restraining, home steam room creating shower kit that won’t interfere with regular showering routine.

You can see pictures of this system at

When asked, how did he come up with the idea of the Steam Den, Craig stated:

“Hard to believe nobody ever capped that giant hole overhead. This one hemorrhaging all warmth and steam that fogs mirrors, ruins walls and fixtures.  That hole is the source of 95% of bathroom mold. So we capped it to contain the moisture to the only place built to handle it, the shower, as this starves mold from the source. Well we quickly realized the side effect was, we’d created an effective little steam room too.”

He claims that Steam Den saves water as it requires minimal flow after desired temp. reached, totally eliminates bathroom mold at the source, prevents curtain cling by securing liner to tub and increases space 25% for more elbow room.

There are other benefits but one more in particular worth mentioning falls within the umbrella of health-related benefits of steam, a list to extensive to get into here. But one aspect in particular and of interest to many, is what is it about steam rooms that makes a person feel so good?

Well, according to the North American Journal on Medical Science, this comes from the reward section of the brain as steam immersion causes dopamine and adrenaline to be released at the concentrations of 250% and 530% respectively.

So that explains where the sense of well-being comes from during and after a steam session. Not a bad list of benefits. The kit is $40, so it’s not too big a risk to see if the thing really delivers.

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