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K&N Introduces Lifetime Washable Home Air Filters

Homeowners of a DIY bent have reason to rejoice: K&N has released furnace and air…

  • March 23, 2019

Homeowners of a DIY bent have reason to rejoice: K&N has released furnace and air conditioner filters that can be cleaned instead of replaced.

People who don’t maintain a home are probably scratching their heads at this news? What’s the big deal?

But home-maintainers understand. Replacing furnace and A/C filters is a hassle. It entails trips to the home center store to scrounge up a filter that will fit. Often, said home-maintainers get home to find the one they selected doesn’t fit, prompting another trip to the store.

These filters are a big deal. Not replacing them can lead to a clogged system. Let things go long enough and the filter will break down, allowing soot or dust or allergans being blown around the home.

So, the idea that these trips to the home center can be replaced with a simple cleaning is good news, indeed.

K&N said its Lifetime Washable Home Air Filters for furnace/air conditioning filters are designed to provide outstanding filtration and dust capacity for long-life performance.

They are specially designed to help reduce airborne contaminants and can be cleaned easily for years of use in a home, office, or business.

K&N Home Air Filters are engineered to last for the entire lifespan of an air conditioning system and are simple to wash and reinstall.

Designed for durability, they feature a stable frame constructed of extruded ABS polymer, paired with washable synthetic air filter media engineered for long-term use.

Most disposable HVAC filters must be frequently replaced—approximately every 90 days in the average home, and every 60 days or sooner in homes with pets or allergy-sensitive people; K&N’s are built to last a lifetime.

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