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The Great Airbag Recall

The airbags installed on tens of millions of vehicles are being recalled due to a…

  • May 18, 2019

The airbags installed on tens of millions of vehicles are being recalled due to a safety hazard. Many Americans are driving today in cars that contain these defective safety devices without even knowing it. The good news is that there are easy resources available for finding out of a particular vehicle is covered by the recall.

Tens of Millions of Vehicles Have Unsafe Airbags

The defective airbags were made by Japanese automotive supplier Takata, and installed in tens of millions of vehicles by dozens of different car companies.

According to the U. S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Roughly 41.6 million vehicles equipped with 56 million defective Takata air bags are under recall because these air bags can explode when deployed, causing serious injury or even death

All vehicle owners should:

Check for Recalls using your (VIN).

Get the Fix by calling your local dealer; it will be repaired for free.

Sign Up for about any future recall affecting your vehicle.

You can go to to find out if your vehicle is one of those with a defective air bag installed.

While the urgent airbag safety recall affects vehicles made by 19 different vehicle manufacturers, certain 2001-2003 Hondas and Acuras as well as certain 2006 Ford Ranger trucks and Mazda B-Series trucks are considered higher risk.

NHTSA urges consumers not to drive these vehicles unless they are going straight to a dealer to have them repaired immediately.