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Cutting to the Chase: Millionaire Dating Site Attracts 4 Million Users

True love requires compatibility, deep attraction and at least seven figures of verifiable net worth….

  • May 25, 2019

True love requires compatibility, deep attraction and at least seven figures of verifiable net worth. At least according to one dating site.

People of like minds are finding each other at MillionaireMatch, a dating site whose very name explains its purpose.

Founded in 2001, MillionaireMatch connects, “wealthy and attractive individuals including both certified millionaires and women who have verified their income and profile images”, the site claims.

Recently, MillionaireMatch hit an impressive milestone of 4 million active users.

Not For the (Financially) Superficial

To maintain MillionaireMatch’s top of the line services, it provides manually review service on each account within 24 hours when users create or update a profile, deleting those that don’t meet MillionaireMatch standards.

To keep the users’ privacy and satisfy their needs, MillionaireMatch has applied an exclusive feature – Recall, which allows users to reverse any sent messages, photos, and conversations.

In March 2019 alone, a total of 1,105,953 messages were sent on MillionaireMatch. The rate of daily messaging hit a peak in March as well, with users sending a total of 40,400 messages in a single day.

Getting the Right Fit

Millionaire Match said its success is tied closely with its unique features, hands-on moderation, and specialized algorithms, which help users get more perfect matches.

Their match-making algorithm helps find the best fit by recommending suitable matches based on member preferences such as gender, age, location, height, and body type.

As an exclusive millionaire dating site, only income and certified millionaire search is the unique feature. Members have the option of finding nearby matches via enabled GPS. MillionaireMatch continuously updates their features to reflect current trends and to adapt to user feedback.

It’s as American as Apple Pie.