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Study Finds the Fittest and Fattest States in America

Most of us Americans could stand to lose a few pounds, (if we’re being perfectly…

  • May 31, 2019

Most of us Americans could stand to lose a few pounds, (if we’re being perfectly honest). Yet, if you travel around the country it seems that some places have lots of fit and healthy-looking people, while others have more of the type who could stand to lose a few pounds.

It begs the question: which American states have the fittest residents, and which have the fattest ones? Online insurance marketplace QuoteWizard recently conducted a study to find out.

Over 93 million Americans, nearly 40 percent of the country, are considered obese. The issue goes beyond growing waistlines – and directly affects the cost of health insurance for the average American.

By some estimations, obesity-related healthcare costs range from $147 billion to $210 billion per year.

With those sobering statistics in mind, here are the key study findings:

  • Hawaii, Montana, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Jersey are the five fittest states.
  • Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, and Oklahoma are the five fattest states.
  • Obesity rates in America have risen steadily, increasing by 34 percent over the last two decades.
  • In 2018, health insurance premiums for single person coverage averaged $6,896, nearly triple the average premium in 2000.

To rank the fittest and fattest states, QuoteWizard analyzed CDC obesity data along with Body Mass Index (BMI) data from QuoteWizard health insurance users to find an aggregate ranking of fittest and fattest states.

Each state was evaluated by their rate of obesity (CDC data) and their average BMI (QuoteWizard data).

Final rankings were determined by an aggregate ranking of overall obesity figures. States are ranked from 1 to 50, 1 being fittest and 50 being fattest.

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Of course, obesity is just one factor in why America has such high health insurance costs. But if there’s one thing all doctors agree on it’s that keeping our weight down to within a healthy range will help to save us from future trips to the doctor.