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July is a Top Month for Vehicle Break-ins and Thefts, According to Allstate

In some states July is the top month for vehicle break ins and theft, according…

  • August 3, 2019

In some states July is the top month for vehicle break ins and theft, according to data from Allstate Insurance Company.

Texas is one of them. The insurer looked at auto claims data over the last ten years (2007-2018) and identified July as the month with the most car break-ins and total car thefts.

August comes in as a close second based on the ten-year analysis, and June also ranks high on the list – indicating that summer tends to be the most active season for these types of claims.

“Whether you are out running everyday errands or taking a road trip this summer, it’s important to protect your vehicle and belongings from unwanted attention,” says Jay Haidari, an Allstate agency owner in DFW. “Leaving valuables in plain sight or leaving your car running while unoccupied can make it a potential target.”

Top Items for the Taking

While July is also the highest month for total vehicle thefts, in-vehicle thefts were the most common form of theft according to Allstate’s data from 2007-2018.

In-vehicle theft is not stealing the entire car; it’s the smash-and-grab of items left inside. Top items on thieves’ shopping lists include laptop computers, purses, wallets, smart phones and tablets.

Tips to Turn off Thieves

Lock It Up and Roll ‘Em Up – An unlocked door or rolled-down window gives thieves fast access to everything in the car. Also, never leave your vehicle running or the smart key inside the car while it is unattended.

Look Around – Park in well-lit areas of the parking lot or street. Look for safety benefits like security cameras or pedestrian activity. Lights, cameras and law-abiding citizens are turn-offs for thieves.

Hide it First or Take It Along – If it’s too bulky to keep in your possession, store valuable items in the trunk of the car or out of sight—and do it before you park. Waiting to hide valuables until you’ve arrived can allow a thief to watch where you stow your stuff.

Deter Thieves – Consider installing an audible alarm system and a visible anti-theft device. Car thieves tend to avoid cars with alarms or anti-theft devices because they attract attention when they go off. Check with your insurance provider, you may receive a discount on your auto insurance for some of these devices.

Understand your insurance coverage 

In the unfortunate event items from your car or the car itself are stolen, it’s important to understand your insurance coverage. Comprehensive auto insurance typically covers vandalism to your vehicle or replacement value for the stolen car. Generally, that’s only if what’s stolen was factory-installed.

Personal property inside or on the car—bikes, cell phones, backpacks—is typically covered by homeowners, renters or condo policies. Apartment dwellers can find themselves unprotected if they don’t have renters insurance.

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