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Renters Pay $70 More for a Pool

As temperatures rise this summer, renters across the country might look for a swimming pool…

  • September 6, 2019

As temperatures rise this summer, renters across the country might look for a swimming pool to cool off in. Having that pool just outside your door comes at a cost – a new HotPads analysis finds that among the 50 largest U.S. metro areas, homes and apartments with pools rent for $70 more, or 4.5% extra, per month on average.

The premium for renting a home with a pool exceeds $100 a month in 14 of the 50 largest metro areas. The pool premium is highest in Las Vegas, at $174 a month.

Oklahoma City and Tampa have the next-highest pool premiums at $170 and $165 a month, respectively. The average high temperature in August is at least 90 degrees in each of these metros.

Renting a home or apartment with a pool actually comes at a discount in a few metro areas. In Denver, renters spend $71 less on rent each month for a home or apartment with a pool compared to homes and apartments without pools. Renters in San Francisco can save $24 a month by renting a home with a pool, while renters in San Jose can save $3 a month.

Renters should not take this to mean that adding a pool to an existing home or apartment would lead to savings. Rather, rentals with pools in these metros likely lack features that are popular with renters – things like new appliances, for example.

Renters pay a greater premium for easy access to a pool to lounge next to than they do for a quick workout.

A previous HotPads analysis found that U.S. renters pay $62 a month more on average to rent an apartment with an onsite fitness center, $8 less than the monthly premium for a pool.

While single-family home rentals with pools can fetch a premium, they are more commonly found in multifamily rentals – buildings with five or more units, like apartments and condos.

Among the top 50 metro areas, 28.9 percent of multifamily listings mention a pool, compared to 12.2 percent of single-family rental listings. Houston has the highest share of multifamily rentals with pools at 61.3 percent, while Miami has the highest share of single-family homes available for rent with pools, at 36.6 percent.

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