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Even though Halloween has passed, online dating site operator sought after the reasoning behind…

  • November 1, 2019

Even though Halloween has passed, online dating site operator sought after the reasoning behind the popular dating trend, ghosting. discovered the ins and outs of ghosting, by conducting a survey to explain why people ghost others and signs to look out for when you are about to be ghosted.

Ghosting, the term referring to a disappearance, ending a relationship or potential interest, by stopping all communication with the person they were dating with no warning or reason.

Ghosting has quickly become a widespread trend among online daters. Nearly 75% of singles surveyed have admitted to ghosting someone they were casually dating, while 92% of hopeful singles have reported being a victim of the cruel act. also found that more than three quarters (78%) of ghosters state that they would strike again.

If you’ve been ghosted in the past and are still unsure why, just know that you aren’t alone! 48% of people ghosted claim that they also could never figure out why.’s survey unveiled reasons why ghosters have chosen to ghost someone in the past, to help put find answers for those subjected to the trend. The key findings include:

  • 63% of ghosters say they stopped talking with an individual because they just lost interest
  • 45% of users admit to dropping communication after a first date because they didn’t feel a connection
  • 15% of ghosters report that a date looking different than in their online dating profile photos is the main cause of their disappearance
  • 88% of those guilty of ghosting believe it is easier to cut communication without warning than confront the individual

In efforts to put an end to this unfriendly trend, it is important to look out for signs that you might be ghosted in the near future to stop the ghost from striking. Signs that you might be single soon consist of:

  • The person you are chatting with starts answering more sporadically
  • The texts you receive leave little room for the conversation to continue to grow
  • The person you are seeing stops asking you to hang out or they are always unavailable
  • The potential ghoster stops liking your social media posts

When a relationship begins, there is no guarantee that both parties will feel the same way about each other and one risks the chance of being ghosted. To help avoid this from happening to you, provided essential tips to take into consideration:

  • Show interest in a person your dating’s life and ask questions.
  • Don’t give it all away at the start- keep them guessing and wanting to know more about you.
  • Even though they might be difficult to spot, don’t ignore red flags when noticed.

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