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Top 5 Plumbing Tips for the Holiday Season

Tacoma plumbing company Harts Services is offering their top tips to Tacoma-area residents on how to protect…

  • November 28, 2019

Tacoma plumbing company Harts Services is offering their top tips to Tacoma-area residents on how to protect their home plumbing before holiday party guests arrive.

“For plumbers, the busiest day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving,” said Richard Hart, co-owner of Harts Services. “It’s affectionately and grossly nicknamed ‘Brown Friday,’ and the surge of calls come primarily from homes with garbage disposal and sink issues due to improper garbage disposal use. That said, the unusual number of houseguests some people entertain during the holidays account for toilet and water heater issues, too.”

Harts Services recommends the following to avoid plumbing disasters this holiday season:

Take care of any plumbing quirks that you’ve just learned to live with. If you have to tell guests to hold the toilet handle down for a couple of seconds in order to flush, or if that tiny leak in your kitchen faucet has actually been an issue for some time, those little annoyances aren’t just quirks – they’re problems. And they should be taken care of before any guests arrive because more usage than usual will only exacerbate them.

Make sure your bathroom is stocked with a waste can and a visible plunger. To keep your guests from flushing any items that aren’t designed to easily disintegrate, like paper towels and sanitary products, make sure you have an easily noticeable garbage can in each bathroom. Also, no one wants to have to ask for a plunger. Try to keep one in plain sight and near the toilet.

Protect your garbage disposal from well-meaning guests. Many guests won’t know right away what type of waste to keep out of the garbage disposal.

Consider making a friendly sign to place near the disposal as a reminder to avoid putting anything like turkey bones, potato peelings, celery stalks or grease inside. Keep a solid container to collect grease in, and simply scrape it into the trash after it hardens.

Learn the location of your sewer cleanout in the event of a blockage. In the event of a major blockage that calls for a service expert, knowing exactly what direction to point them in will be helpful and save time for all parties involved. Learning where your sewer cleanout is located is a thoughtful, simple way to prepare for emergency scenarios.

If you have overnight guests, make sure your water heater is ready for extra usage. Running out of hot water mid-shower is never fun. If you haven’t had your water heater tuned up or flushed in several months, make sure to do so before the holidays arrive. This will ensure your water heater is running at optimum efficiency before the out-of-towners arrive.