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Plumbing Tips for Transitioning to a Multigenerational Household

North Carolina plumbing company Four Seasons Plumbing is offering tips for homeowners who are transitioning…

  • December 5, 2019

North Carolina plumbing company Four Seasons Plumbing is offering tips for homeowners who are transitioning their homes to accommodate multiple generations of family members.

Here is list the following updates to consider if you are making updates to accommodate more family members:

Install a toilet lid lock – If there are young children in the home, it’s a good idea to install a toilet lid lock to keep them safe. Toilets can pose a drowning hazard to toddlers. A toilet lock can also protect your plumbing from crafty grandkids who flush toys and other objects down the toilet.

Lower the water heater temperature – Always make sure to test the water temperature before placing a child in the bath. For added protection from scalding, lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eliminate bathtub slipping – Add anti-skid strips or non-slip bath mats to the tub or shower to keep both child and senior relatives safe from falling accidents.

Add grab bars – Install grab bars by the bath and toilet to provide mobility assistance for elderly relatives and to keep them safe from falling.

Install cabinet locks – It’s a good idea to add cabinet locks to keep children from accessing medication and cleaning products.  They are an affordable and discreet way to keep children safe.

Invest in a shower chair – Shower chairs can provide seniors more stability for bathing and allow them to rest. A transfer bench is also a great option for seniors who struggle getting in and out of the bath area.

Install an ADA height toilet – A standard ADA height toilet is a great option for family members with limited mobility.

Family members that suffer from arthritis or have had a knee or hip replacement can benefit from this toilet style.