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Staging Your Home for Sale

Home staging services provider Picture It Staging is offering their top tips to help Real…

  • March 6, 2020

Home staging services provider Picture It Staging is offering their top tips to help Real Estate agents sell home faster. If you are selling your home, read up on what the pros are advising other pros to do:

“The most important marketing tool to sell your listings are the pictures. There are many ways to optimize them to assure that the first impression is the winning impression” said James Hamer, Picture It CEO.  “Staging is an expensive proposition and Virtual Staging can achieve the same results for considerably less and you can use professional photos or photos from a good smartphone.”

Top tips from Picture It Staging:

Stage for success

Quality photos are necessary for listings to sell for top dollar and the furniture in the photo often tells the story of the room. If you aren’t able to swap the furniture because of the high cost of home staging, consider Virtually Staging, Remodeling or Renovating the rooms that need it the most.

You can use your Smartphone for great pictures

Smartphone photos can work if you keep your shots steady and adjust the automatic exposure settings on your phone. Tap around the screen to find the best lighting adjustment for the room.

Organize the pictures (virtual and actual) in the right order

The first 6 pictures tell the story so make sure you put your best shots first.  Lead with Kitchens, Family Rooms and Master Bathrooms.

“As a leading Virtual Staging company for Real Estate agents we are often asked if it is worth shelling out thousands of dollars for professional home staging?”  Hamer adds, “Most of the time the answer is a resounding NO!”

Picture It Staging is a technology company that is changing the way homes are sold through the use of digitally re-mastered photographs expressing what rooms could look like or should look like with its proprietary Virtual Staging, Remodeling and Renovating services.

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