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Tips for Maintaining Car Hygiene, from Ziebart

Car care provider Ziebart is offering tips for maintaining car hygiene during these times: Do…

  • June 15, 2020

Car care provider Ziebart is offering tips for maintaining car hygiene during these times:


  • After leaving the grocery store, place your mask in a paper bag before putting it on your car seat.
  • Similarly, remove your gloves and place them in a bag before entering the vehicle. Throw the bag with the gloves away when you get home.
  • Placing your mask and gloves in a bag before entering your vehicle prevents any germs from the store, which are now on the gloves/mask, from being transferred to the car.
  • Carry anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect high-touch areas inside and outside your vehicle, such as the steering wheel, door handles (interior and exterior), door latches, lock buttons, radio and climate control buttons and seat belts.
  • To reduce damage, use an alcohol swab to clean touch screen radios/GPS systems in the car.


  • Don’t place used gloves and masks on the seats in the car after leaving the grocery store.
  • Don’t throw used plastic gloves on the ground outside of the grocery store.
  • Never spray any liquid chemicals on electronic devices in the car – this can severely damage them and lead to a high cost to repair
  • Don’t use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to clean – this can damage surfaces.

For more information about car disinfection, please visit In addition, photos and videos related to this topic are available here:

Ziebart said it has received confirmation from appropriate federal agencies that its Disinfecting Interior Detailing Service kills coronavirus, including Covid-19, plus 99% of other germs and bacteria.

The news comes just as states begin to loosen restrictions and car usage begins to rise. As a result, the company is reporting increased inquiries about vehicle disinfecting – particularly regarding killing coronavirus.

The company is now suggesting, at minimum, bi-annual Disinfecting Interior Detailing services for all vehicles.

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