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Just 30% of Workers Are More Productive Working from Home than in an Office, Survey Finds

Fewer than one-third of employees (30%) say they’re more productive working remotely than in an…

  • July 17, 2020

Fewer than one-third of employees (30%) say they’re more productive working remotely than in an office setting, according to a new survey from business news and how-to website The Manifest.

Nearly half of employees (45%) are more productive working in an office, and 24% say they’re equally productive working from home and in an office.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many companies are still having employees work remotely, even as states begin to reopen. Some companies, such as Twitter, have even announced that employees can work from home permanently.

With such a large percentage of the U.S. workforce working from home for the foreseeable future, The Manifest found the top 6 ways employees are staying productive while working remotely:

  1. Using a designated workspace (43%)
  2. Structuring their day to resemble normal working hours (36%)
  3. Taking frequent breaks (34%)
  4. Setting a schedule (26%)
  5. Reducing distractions (24%)
  6. Communicating with colleagues often (23%)

Using a Designated Workspace Helps Employees Get Into the Mindset to Work

A dedicated office space at home helps people separate work from personal time.

Using a designated workspace is the number one way people stay productive working remotely — 43% of employees say they do this.

“This ensures I have a dedicated space to work from and ‘commute’ to each morning,” said Bethan Vincent, marketing director of app and web developer Netsells. “It’s important to have a dedicated space you work in and leave at the end of the day, even if it’s just clearing away your laptop from a kitchen table.”

Structuring and Planning Their Workday Helps Employees Stay on Task

Many people say working the same schedule and hours as they did in an office helps them stay productive working remotely.

Nearly one-third of employees are structuring their day to resemble normal work hours (36%), and 26% are setting a schedule each workday to increase their productivity.

“It’s important to me to replicate a ‘normal’ working day so I know how much work I can get done and what I can achieve,” said Jenna Carson, HR director at Music Grotto, which teaches people how to play guitar and sing. “A routine helps me organize my day more efficiently and be more productive.”

Employees Are More Productive Taking Breaks

Businesses shouldn’t discourage employees from stepping away from work for a few minutes several times each day. This actually increases productivity.

One-third of workers (34%) say taking breaks is important for staying productive when working remotely.

One technique is the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks work up into 25-minute increments with short, 3- to 5-minute breaks in between.

“This not only helps me stay productive, but it increases the quality of my work as well,” said Tom De Spiegalaere, founder of digital marketing agency Tom Spicky.

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