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Tips for COVID-19 Safe Summer Fun with Pets, from Petco

Pet product retailer Petco is offering advice to help pet parents safely enjoy summer and…

  • July 22, 2020

Pet product retailer Petco is offering advice to help pet parents safely enjoy summer and outdoor activities with their four-legged loved ones, while following evolving health guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Whether families are spending more time at home or bringing their pets along for a summer road trip, Petco recommends pet parents keep the following in mind for a fun and safe season under the sun:

Create a safe and calming space: For concerns around pets and fireworks, help keep furry family members calm by designating an easily accessible space away from the noise, outfitted with their favorite toys and bed, like the Reddy Indoor/Outdoor Olive Dog Bed.

For dogs especially prone to stress, pet parents can consider supplements such as NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Soft Chews.

Stay cool in the summer heat: Unlike humans, dogs and cats don’t sweat through their skin, so it’s important to provide a comfortable environment that aids in regulating body temperature. Cooling beds, paw protection and travel bowls can be helpful to keep dogs safe in hot weather.

Water fountains are great for keeping cats hydrated, particularly because they have a natural tendency to avoid drinking.

Feeding pets wet food or fresh and frozen foods like JustFoodForDogs, and using Kong toys with a frozen treat inside, will help keep your pets hydrated and cool. Regular grooming and de-shedding services also keep pets cool by removing excess hair.

Protect pets from pests: The threat of unwanted pests like fleas and ticks increases during the warmer months, and pests can live both indoors and outdoors.

Pet parents can aid in preventing and treating infestations with a variety of solutions for dogs and cats, including topical treatments, flea-and-tick collars, vet-prescribed chews, shampoos and home and yard sprays.

Travel safely with road trip essentials: When embarking on a road trip or socially distant vacation this summer, it is crucial to help keep pets safe while traveling. Travel carriers, seat slings, car seats and dog seat belts can help keep dogs contained during car rides.

For senior dogs or dogs that need help getting in and out of the car, pet parents should consider traveling with a dog car ramp. Once at the destination, pet carriers like the Reddy Camo Canvas Dog Carrier Tote offer a stylish way to keep pets enclosed while out and about.

Utilize training from the comfort of home: Summer can be a stressful time for dogs, with loud noises and other environmental stressors, and training can be an effective way to introduce coping behaviors. New online dog training courses designed and led by Petco-certified dog trainers suit a variety of needs and experience levels for both new and existing pet parents.

From Puppy and Adult Basics to Positive Reinforcement Orientation (PRO) sessions, these personalized online classes address common at-home and outdoor behaviors.

Focus on good nutrition with a balanced diet: If pet parents have noticed their pets have gained weight after spending more time indoors in recent months, evaluating and adjusting their diet in consultation with a veterinarian could help enhance their overall health.

Pet parents can seek a balanced diet and recipes with meat or fish as the first ingredient, like Petco’s line of WholeHearted foods, as these high-quality foods can help keep pets full while eating less.

Supplements such as GNC Ultra Digestion Soft Chews can also be a great way to support certain aspects of pets’ health and wellness.

For more summer pet safety tips and products, visit, the Petco App or a local Petco store.

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