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TheSalonGuy Teaches Self-Haircuts During a Pandemic on YouTube

Stephen Marinaro, “TheSalonGuy”, is now offering tutorials on how people can cut their hair to match…

  • September 16, 2020

Stephen Marinaro, “TheSalonGuy”, is now offering tutorials on how people can cut their hair to match the styles of celebrities like Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Charles Melton and others on his YouTube channel.

Marinaro has seen the salon industry take a huge hit due to the coronavirus pandemic because of the rules and regulations on having to shut down.

This has left clients with grown out hair, 4-inch roots, and men’s hair longer than it’s ever been. Not only is the industry suffering, so are the clients.

Marinaro says he “always suggests going to a licensed professional to get a haircut; that being said, self-haircuts can actually turn out pretty well if done correctly.”

Stephen offers help by providing multiple YouTube tutorials on different haircut styles.

There are a lot of challenges that arise from trying to become your own hairstylist: you are not able to see the back of your head, you may cut too much, or experiment with haircut techniques – which doesn’t have a reversal, and then there is not having the right scissors.

The advantages, however, can be that you’re able to save money and learn by watching a tutorial video while going at your own pace.

The key is to understand where and what to cut. TheSalonGuy charges a pretty penny for a haircut, and he contributes that to over 25 years of training and practice.

Attempting to cut your own hair can’t be taught in 30 minutes, however, tutorials from TheSalonGuy on YouTube come in handy, especially now.

TheSalonGuy suggests these bullet points that can help:

Take your time and cut at your own pace.

Watch tutorials on YouTube that are step by step.

Do not cut too much.

Do not experiment.

Use clips to section your hair.

Start off with a guard one size higher to prevent cutting too short when using clippers.

Hair shrinks up a bit after cutting so don’t go too short.

Have a comb, shears and clips ready to go.

TheSalonGuy, Stephen Marinaro, is an experienced hairstylist and media personality with 20+ years in the beauty industry.

His highly viewed YouTube channel features hairstyling tutorials, tips, motivational tools and some exciting special event coverage.