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MonsterCloud Reviews the Top 5 Ransomware Removal Tips for 2020

For years now, cyberattacks have been one of the biggest threats to businesses, big and…

  • October 5, 2020

For years now, cyberattacks have been one of the biggest threats to businesses, big and small, around the world. These attacks have cost businesses billions of dollars in lost data, downtime, and bad PR, say the ransomware removal experts at MonsterCloud.

In 2020, with increased online activity and more people working from home during the COVID-19 global pandemic, these attacks have seen a dramatic increase.

The FBI reports a 400% increase during the pandemic which resulted in up to 4,000 calls a day to their cybercrime division.

Ransomware is a particularly popular and destructive form of cybercrime that is on the rise in 2020.

This is where hackers get into your network, usually through a user clicking on a malicious link, and take control of your company’s sensitive data.

They then demand you pay a ransom or your data gets published or you stay locked out forever. To help companies avoid these dreaded attacks, MonsterCloud reviewed the top 5 ransomware removal tips for 2020.

Call MonsterCloud and Leave it to the Professionals

A ransomware attack is a digital hostage situation and, like a hostage situation, you want to call in the professionals, not try to manage it yourself.

MonsterCloud is available 24/7 to respond to attacks and can recover data and fix the security issue fast. They do this within 24-48 hours for over 97% of their clients. MonsterCloud also guarantees to recover your data or the service is free.

MonsterCloud advises that victims of ransomware attacks not pay the ransom. When they do, there is no guarantee they will get their data back.

And, even if they do, there is to guarantee the criminals won’t simply attack their system again in the near future. This is why your first step in a ransomware attack should always be to call MonsterCloud.

Backups, Backups, Backups

Always backing up your data is the easiest and most efficient way to prepare your company for a cyberattack. No one ever wants to discover ransomware on their system but, in the event you do, have a plan in place that includes the proper backups is critical and will determine how much time and money your business loses in the attack.

Train Employees to Recognize Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks, which use social engineering tricks to entice employees to click on malicious links are the number one way ransomware gets into systems. The first step to preventing this is to train people on what to look for, what to avoid, and how to identify suspicious emails. In 2020, many of the emails entice people to click with COVID-19-related topics.

Update Your Software

Ransomware often takes hold by exploiting a security flaw or vulnerability in particular software. The companies that issue the software often realize this early on and issue a patch to fix the issue. However, that patch only works to protect your system if the user updates the software regularly.

Only Use Licensed Versions of Software

This is important because bootleg versions of the software are often infected with viruses. During the pandemic, when more people are working from home, this is particularly prevalent as people are trying to download free, bootleg versions of videoconferencing, file sharing, and collaboration software.

MonsterCloud’s core specialties include removing ransomware, restoring encrypted files, and preventing organizations from becoming ransomware victims.