Money Market

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oney market funds allow easy access by individuals, which is an advantage over different investment vehicles such as stocks. Many beginning investors use money markets as a way to experience investing and transition into the stock market. However, the money market has many advantages for a lot of individuals aside from beginning investors.


With a Money Market account, you have the ability to withdraw funds from your Money Market without the penalties and waiting periods of some other investments options.


Our Money Market Account pays high yields without term limits

  • No fees of any kind
  • Monthly Statement
  • Dividends are calculated on daily balances and paid monthly
  • Minimum balance of $5,000
  • You may save by payroll deduction
  • Money market savings balances can be used as collateral for a loan
  • Dividend rate and APY are subject to change monthly

If you need more detailed information please come in to one of our branches or contact us at 623.334.4701

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Money market accounts are one of the safest investment vehicles in which to earn money.

Many people use money market accounts to produce returns during a downturn in the stock market and as an assurance that at least some of their money is growing at a steady pace.