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Member Feedback


We want to know what you think


At AERO Federal Credit Union we put our Members & their feedback at the top of our priority list on everything that we do.  We have accepted that sometimes things may go wrong and when this happens we are determined to make those things right away.

Whatever it is our team is ready to listen and assist you with any type of problem or complaint that you have to get it resolved as quickly as possible to serve you better!  Your feedback which may include comments, compliments and suggestions encourage us to keep striving to give you the additional service that any Member of AERO deserves.

When you make a complaint to us we will:


  • Acknowledge your complaint and make sure we understand your specific issue.
  • We will do everything to resolve the problem quickly and painlessly.
  • Keep you up to date on the problem that you had addressed with us.
  • Keep a record of your complaint.
  • Provide you the Representative contact information so you can follow up if you want to.


We want to know what you think, send or voice to us your feedback.  Below are the main areas where you can voice your opinions.  If what we have listed here isn’t what you are after, please give us a call at 623.334.4701 so that we can assist you better.


Member Feedback

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