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About AERO


What we’re all about

We’ve got a stellar track record of helping others, providing affordable financial services, and keeping our own finances in excellent order.

Our History

We have been providing people with affordable, trustworthy financial services for over sixty years. We started in 1957, when a small group of workers in the aerospace industry banded together. Back then, we were known as the Sperry Phoenix Employees Federal Credit Union. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions of our core sponsor, and in keeping with our dedication to the employees of the flight and aerospace industry, we had several name changes over the decades and our membership base has greatly expanded. In November, 1999, we changed our name to Honeywell Aerospace Federal Credit Union. Finally in 2009, we became AERO Federal Credit Union.

As of December 31, 2020, we hold $262 million in assets, with branches in the Phoenix metro area serving over 18,000 members.



How we Operate

Because we aren’t focused on shareholders, we make our members our top priority. Our Board of Directors is run entirely by volunteers, who work together to establish and implement member-focused policies.

We are also absolutely committed to financial transparency. You can read our past annual reports over on our blog, theHub.


Our Vision


Our Service Promises


  • Treat you with the highest level of respect
  • Work as a team to ensure you are pleased with our service
  • Provide you with accurate information
  • Take responsibility for your requests
  • Give you prompt response or resolution to your request
  • Make it easy to work with us
  • Provide suggestions that will help you achieve your financial goals



Our Mission Statement

Providing simple solutions to help our members achieve their financial goals.



We love to Serve

We are committed to giving back to our community. We work every day to improve the lives of those we serve in both Arizona and New Mexico.

We happily support non-profit organizations and programs. While our efforts have an emphasis on children’s programs and feeding the hungry, we are always looking for new opportunities to help other worthy causes. If you would like AERO to consider your program, fill out our request form.

Below are some of the programs we have supported:

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